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This page has been created to answer your basic questions in relation to nasal aspiration and the operation and care of your specific nasal aspirator. Please use below form or e-mail your inquiry to info@snotty.com.au and we will post all relevant questions and answers below.


Please click one of the below links depending on which aspirator you have. The o-rings are clearly marked on the charts.




Please click one of the below links depending on which aspirator you have. Please follow the step-by-step instructions in the linked trouble shooting charts locate your problem.

Should your problem persist, or should you not be able to locate it, please do not hesitate to contact us on info@snotty.com.au




Please click one of the below links depending on which aspirator you have to download an electronic copy of your user manual.

Snotty OneManual Snotty One

Snotty TooManual Snotty Too

Snotty ThreeManual Snotty Three

All SNOTTY orders are shipped with Australia Post. Delivery times will vary if you have elected regular or express postage as well as the destination of your order.

You order will be dispatched from Biggera Waters LPO QLD 4216 please refer to Australia post service schedule for applicable delivery times.


We do not charge or apply any handling fees what so ever.

Your postage cost will be calculated on standard Australia Post domestic shipping fees, regular or express (whichever you elect) without any additional handling costs.

There is no set time, usage will determine when it is appropriate to replace the o-rings. Obviously if the aspirator is taken apart more frequently the o-rings may have to be replaced earlier. The key factor is proper maintenance and care not to damage the o-ring while assembling the aspirator, as any damage will surely lead to leakage and inadequate suction pressure.

Please also maintain the o-rings by using silicone grease to lubricate and preserve them, this should be done at least once every 3-6 months depending on usage. Silicone grease will not swell or soften the rubber, which hydrocarbon based greases will do.
*NEVER use hydrocarbon-based greases on the o-rings as this will damage and deteriorate them !

Although it is most essential to aspirate infants, commonly described as obligate nasal breathers (as they prefer breathing through their nose rather than mouth) there is a great benefit from using aspirators on toddlers as well.

Our experience has showed that although in some rare cases children as young as 2-3 years old will be able to start blowing their noses, most toddlers reach an age of approximately 4-6 years old before they can do it properly.

All SNOTTY aspirators (Snotty One, Snotty Too and Snotty Three) have been designed to work with AA alkaline batteries only.

Please refrain fom using any other types of batteries in your SNOTTY as these may cause damage to the aspirator.

Although some parts from one aspirator may be fitted to a different model this should not be done.

We recommend that you consider your intended use before purchase and select the aspirator model and type most suitable for your child.

YES ! We always recommend that you spray saline up the nostrils a minute or two before aspiration to ease  the extraction.

  1. saline will loosen up the mucus
  2. saline is a non medicated substance and can be used as frequently as required without any side effects
  3. saline in it self acts as a bacterial inhibitor assisting your child in the fight of the cold
  4. saline can also promote mucociliary clearance by moisturizing the nasal cavity and by loosening dry material

Extraction of dry mucus may result in slight damage to the delicate nasal mucous membrane and should be avoided at all time. Although a runny nose may have the appearance of exactly that; a runny nose, we can never be certain of the consistency of the mucus deeper inside the nasal cavity.

* One contraindication to nasal aspiration and/or using saline would be if your child has undergone treatment or surgery in which case you should ALWAYS consult your health professional.

There is no particular chronological sequence to the use of nozzles. The main aspects when selecting a nozzle is the size of your child’s nostril.

To enable efficient aspiration with minimal discomfort we recommend that you select the nozzle that will seal the nostril entirely, with minimal insertion into the nose.

All SNOTTY aspirators are registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration as a medical devices in Australia and have undergone required testing and certification to highest ISO and CE standards.

If you have any other questions please fill out the form below