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If you are reading this, most likely like us you just had an addition to your family. First and foremost congratulations on becoming a parent!

01_birthWhether it is your first, second or third child, it is a great event and a big step into the unknown for most of us. The joy and pleasures, including the sleepless nights and all the surprises your “bundle of joy” may throw at you from time to time.

As you may already know parenting is a learned experience and not much in life can prepare us for it. We have all, at one time or another turned the deaf ear towards good advice from our parents, friends or relatives. It is not actually until we encounter and overcome the hardships that we realise good advice has gone to waste.

Sometimes life likes to throw us a “curve ball” and we have to figure out ourselves what to do. That is exactly what happened to us. We became proud parents and as soon as we came home from the hospital our baby got the first cold. Unaware our baby’s immune system is still developing and that it is likely an infant will catch between four and ten colds before his/her first birthday, we were in for some rough times. Additionally we also discovered very soon that our child was a real mucus machine.

With the nasal passages almost always blocked we were facing feeding, sleeping and tantrum nightmares. Distressed and sleep deprived we set out to find a solution. Unfortunately the local pharmacies did not have any lasting remedies; the available aspirator bulb was discarded soon after purchase (it was just simply not keeping up with the mucus production).

After many sleepless nights and international searches we finally found our solution, a battery operated portable constant suction aspirator, an invention that clears noses in seconds and the solution to all our problems!

Continuous suction aspiration was at that time only available in hospitals, and if our child ended up in respiratory distress our only solution was to take him to the local hospital or suck the mucus out with our mouth (disgusting but a life saving skill, if you have to do it).

With the battery operated aspirator we had no more hassle keeping our baby down while attempting to clear his nose. All snott got sucked out in seconds, and once again he could breathe even with a cold. No more getting up every 15 minutes during the night to carry him upright, for better breathing. No more nightmares with feeding, with the nose clear he was actually eating, and sleeping better!

Eureka! We had found our savior. We were on to something good!

Little baby girl breast feeding

We were so impressed with the efficiency of the aspirator we wanted other Australian parents to be able to take advantage of our discovery and help their children. And so the journey began.

We came up with the name SNOTTY and embraced the idea to help other Australian parents in a similar situation. We can now proudly state that we are, and have been since 2010, Australia’s only nasal aspirator specialist and have helped tens of thousand of parents since our first aspirator sale.

SNOTTY aspirators were then registered with the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia) SNOTTY was also the first sponsor in the world to obtain a GMDN code (Global Medical Device Nomenclature) for an electrical nasal aspirator (SNOTTY ONE) by the Global GMDN Agency, United Kingdom.

Our motto and single purpose at SNOTTY was set to bring better health to Australian children and improve the life quality of their parents.

We thus launched Australia’s first and only battery operated constant suction aspirator. in Additionally, our SNOTTY ONE battery operated aspirator was the only battery operated aspirator IN THE WORLD that is fully submersible in water, making cleaning so much easier and enables use in shower or bath where the nasal mucus is already loose and ready for extraction.

With that in mind we produced 1000 units of SNOTTY ONE and commenced a humble start to help other parents in need.


Evolution is inevitable, but change is hard!

We new we had a great thing going but introducing it to an entire country, a continent, health professionals and pharmacies was like hitting your head against a brick wall.

Parents purchased directly from us and LOVED the product. Best thing since the invention of sliced bread, we often heard, but as for pharmacy stores we were always met with the standard phrase: “But nobody is asking for it?”

Well! Nobody can ask for it, if they do not even know it exists.

Our problem was at the very fundamental base of basic care for nasal aspiration and the way people approach it. We had to get out there and educate.

Luckily shortly one pharmacy chain realised the value of SNOTTY and we were accepted as an optional product line for the Good Price Pharmacy Warehouse, we were off to a good start…

04_bulbI was always comparing the evolution of nasal aspiration to the improvements of the thermometer. Some of you may still remember the good old spirit thermometers. 3-5 minutes to measure, in the armpit, mouth or up the butt. Now all we do is flick on the button and have a reading in a second.

As far as I know nobody uses spirit or mercury thermometers any more (with the exemption of laboratories of cause) so why should we keep on using the ancient and ineffective nasal aspiration bulb if there is a better and quicker way to help your child.

Thankfully others were also supportive of the evolution and we got accepted as an optional product line for the Terry White pharmacy chain.

05_snotty-pleaseWe continued our education of thousand of parents by attending the Baby and Toddler Shows and Pregnancy Baby and Children’s Expos Australia wide. We started not only to educate the public but also reaching out to health professionals and care providers, as well as more and more pharmacies Australia wide.

Our efforts were not ignored and we were accepted as a core product for the Malouf Pharmacies.

06_expo-crowdOur success in 2013 could be measured by a total sell out during the PBC Expo circuit in four out of the five exhibitions Australia wide.

SNOTTY sold out during the Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne Expos. What a roaring success!!!

The best feedback we get is from all the parents returning each year to the Expo and thanking us for SNOTTY as well as buying a second unit, for a friend, family member or relative.

It is always a great pleasure to hear and share in your personal stories, so please keep them coming!

07_wfhSince our establishment in 2010 we have been offering stay at home parents the possibility of extra income. Many mothers that have “road tested” SNOTTY and were so impressed with the aspirators have joined our team and are actively not only providing an extra income for the household, but also promoting healthier living among our families and their children.

We have now covered five of the seven States and Territories Australia wide, with work from home representatives in Queensland, Northern Territories, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

08_waWith a great and well established network of work from home representatives in WA, as well as huge popularity of SNOTTY in Perth it was only a question of time when we get accepted by a WA pharmacy chain. And behold, in 2014 we were overjoyed to welcome Pharmacy 777 as a SNOTTY retailer.

09_first-aidTiny Hearts First Aid have a clear and powerful mission; to empower new and expecting parents with the vital knowledge, skill and confidence to quickly identify and manage any medical emergency your precious little one might face.

Owned and operated by experienced paramedics the team realised the value of SNOTTY and in 2014 started including SNOTTY in their Paediatric First Aid Kit.

10_puzzleWe had such a good product on hand we knew it was only a question of time when other brands emerge on the Australian market mimicking SNOTTY.

It is great to see other companies are realising the value and potential of the market and the benefits of the device itself.

It is important to note none of our SNOTTY aspirators have any hidden costs. There are no filters that need to be changed, no balloons that need replacing after each use. As such your financial outlay is a one off cost with no additional ongoing costs that may double the cost or your aspirator in weeks.

Additionally, please note that SNOTTY ONE is also waterproof, making it more convenient to use and maintain, as you can take advantage of the natural steam and vapours in the bath, shower or even swimming pool where the mucus/snott is more pliable and ready for extraction.

11_work-from-home_1This year we have restructured and renamed our Work From Home program to Independent Distribution, giving parents more flexibility and room for movement.

We cancelled all joining and administration fees to enable parents greater profit margins!

We now have distributors in QLD, NSW, VIC, NT and WA. You can see the distributors as well as pharmacy stores listed under our Locate Retailer tab above.

To have distributors in all corners of Australia, but are still looking for interested parents/distributors Australia wide.

If you are interested please see the Distribution Tab which is located under the Wholesale Tab above.

12_free-snotty-feetTo have more parents benefit from SNOTTY, and the once that urgently need it, we have this year commenced a community program called FREE SNOTTY.

Our goal is to provide SNOTTY aspirators to parents of children in paediatric wards in hospitals.

Our fund raising will be initially contacted through our Facebook page Free Snotty and provide local hospitals with free aspirators. Free Snotty is planned to eventually grow into a larger fully registered charity and include fund raising events as well as large scale community and celebrity engagements.

Any assistance from your side would be much appreciated. If you can help please email us at:


nz_flagWe sucessfully launched SNOTTY in New Zealand, after a huge Expo sucess during the Auckland Baby Show. malaysian-flag

Additional distribution was also established for Malaysia.

SNOTTY is now well on the way of becoming an international brand.

If you are interested in distributing SNOTTY in your home country please contact: info@snotty.com.au

14_work-from-home_2Our network of happy parents and SNOTTY distributors has grown steadily. We now have Independent Distributors in all states and territories except for Tasmania.

It is great to see parents, not only love their SNOTTY, but also to be able to supplement their income by helping other parents and their children.

There is no greater satisfaction than being the cause of a happy smile on a healthy child’s face. What a pleasure to be able to help!

If you would like to distribute SNOTTY and generate some extra income, do not hesitate to contact us on:


13_help-othersSince our launch in 2010 more and more pharmacies have decided to stock SNOTTY and provide this exceptional tool to Australian parents as an additional aid to their first aid cabinet.

If however you local pharmacy does not have SNOTTY in stock please feel free to ask the pharmacist to order some in for the store, or you can browse our products which are available for purchase through this web.

By supporting our growth you will assist in making SNOTTY readily available for more and more parents Australia wide, as such helping other parents and their children in need.

(Elmo needs help – as do many other children, so do not sit with your arms crossed, joins SNOTTY and act now!)

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“I would like to personally take this opportunity to thank you for your support and for putting your trust in SNOTTY.”

Robert Turowski
Founder of SNOTTY
“by parents for parents”

Our single purpose at SNOTTY is to bring better health to Australian children

and improve the life quality of their parents.

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