“SNOTTY® is sweeping Australia turning antiquated into modern,
revolutionizing the way Australian parents look at nasal
aspiration and aid their children with the recovery from colds.”

Starting from humble necessity, with a very SNOTTY child and two frustrated new parents, we have now grown to be Australia’s only nasal aspirator specialist

with a distribution network in New Zealand and Malaysia, SNOTTY is definitely growing!

We are not only popular in pharmacies but have also a well established network of independent distributors Australia wide,

so if you are interested in generating some extra income while helping other parents do not hesitate to contact one of us.

Below is part of our team….

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Many parents are amazed by the efficiency of SNOTTY and what it does. If you have tested your SNOTTY and are really happy with it, why not help other parents by becoming a distributor in your local area and Australia wide?

Dana Barker

Dana Barker

Perth WA

Hi, I’m Dana, the head distributor for Snotty in Perth and WA. I am based in Perth’s northern suburb, of Mindarie, and service various suburbs throughout Perth.

Having been involved within the child services industry for many years I have had a lot of experience with children with Snotty noses. When I came across the Snotty it changed my life, both personally and professionally.

I find the Snotty so easy to use, and its constant suction clears nasal congestion in seconds. I love the Snotty and think it should be a staple in every first aid cabinet.

If you would like a demonstration for yourself/ mother group/ pharmacy please call me on 0431 247 889 or email

Cilla Bishell

Cilla Bishell

Kingaroy QLD

Hi my name is Cilla and I’m the mother of 2 typical snotty kids, and the mother of an exceptionally snotty little man with Down syndrome. I seeked out a method to help with a continuously snotty and mucus filled nose of my little boy Jacob, kids with Down syndrome are at risk of continual ear infections from mucus build up from having smaller nasal/ear canals.

Snotty one become our new best friend and has been a daily saviour in our house for over 2 years now…..and I still have my original snotty, and it still works likes magic. I’m happy to say Jacob has never had an ear infection and sleeps with a clear nose every night.

I’m even game to say snotty works on big people too, why not save a red nose if you have the capability to do so!

Tanya Harry

Tanya Harry

Nairne SA

As a mum of 3 children aged 7, 5 and 3, I was so excited when I discovered the SNOTTY and wish I’d stumbled across this convenient product earlier!
I literally stumbled over it on the internet whilst looking for a completely different product and boy, am I glad it found me! I’m a busy mum living in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia and I sell the SNOTTY via my online products website and word of mouth. My youngest is now a thriving three year old and even he gets excited when I grab the SNOTTY!
With its constant suction it clears his little nose in seconds and being waterproof, I find it so easy to use on my children while in the bath. Instant results, convenient and easy to clean – what more can a busy parent want!

Antoinette Timm

Antoinette Timm

Adelaide SA

I am a busy mum of two young children. I am one of the newer Snotty recruits, having become a distributor earlier this year. I run my own business, as well as work for one of our major banks. So why did I become a distributor? I purchased my first (and only) Snotty at the Kids Expo in 2013, and I’ve used it every time my daughter has had a cold (many times over the last 3 years!). Now, I also use it for my son. The ability to quickly, and easily remove large amounts of mucous in one go is super important to me. When my kids sleep better, I sleep better! I am passionate about sharing these amazing products with other parents out there. An Adelaide local, you can find me via my Facebook page or website: Good Idea Mummy!

Amy Martin

Amy Martin

Adelaide SA

Hi, I am Amy and my Snotty story began in 2012 after the birth of my daughter. She was always congested with hayfever/colds and it was a struggle to get her to drink milk when she could barely breathe. The bulb suckers only did so much, so when I stumbled across Snotty I thought it was too good to be true! I ordered one and haven’t looked back! Loved it so much I decided to spread the Snotty Love and become a reseller. 4 years later and my son is now here and I am still using my original Snotty! It is seriously the best thing I bought for use with bubs!
As a Defence family we tend to move around a bit and I have found Snotty fantastic to move around with me. Currently we reside in the northern suburbs of Adelaide so if you are keen to try Snotty out for yourself please get in touch with me.
Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson

Bonython ACT

As a recent convert to SNOTTY, my first introduction was at the Canberra Baby Expo and following the demonstration and some further enquiries later on, I made my first purchase for our then 1 year old who refused to allow the bulb anywhere near his nose.

Now at almost three years of age he loves it and will clear his own nose with ‘MR SNOTTY’ (hence the name of my Facebook page ‘MR SNOTTY – Canberra’). We have found the ability to use the Snotty 1 in the bath and shower an absolute lifesaver and provides great results.

Our Snotty One has now become a major and vital piece of equipment since our four month old was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis. Having the ability to quickly and easily clear her blocked nose assists in reducing the potential for any unnecessary infections.

I am currently selling via online, through local Childcare and word of mouth and keen to get the word spread far and wide about this great product.

If you need anything else please let me know

Danielle Schneider

Danielle Schneider

Port Headland WA

Hi, my name is Danielle and a live in the Port hedland 1600kms away or a two hour plane flight from Perth. I first received a snotty one as a gift from my mum when I was pregnant with my first born. Being a first time mum I never thought in my wildest dreams my baby would get sick or congested so young.

Learning how to breast feed and cope with an unwell newborn was such a huge struggle, the first time I used my snotty my baby was only 2 weeks old.

I can thank my snotty for saving me many long and late nights with an unwell newborn who was also learning to feed properly. After a few months use I couldn’t believe how amazing this product was so I looked into becoming a distributor.

It’s been the best decision I’ve made as i am I’m able to promote and provide a product that I know deep down myself truly works. I sell through word of mouth and social media. I’ve been able to get the word out there to smaller towns and communities around the Pilbara- Tom Price, Newman, Broome, Canarvon and I’m even reaching as far as Darwin.

I absolutely love my snotty and cannot recommend them enough to parents. If I could I would make sure every first time mum left the hospital with one 🙂