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I absolutely love this machine and if it ever broke, I will cry. It’s the best snot extractor in the world.

I noticed these are not stocked in the big baby stores, but I think people definitely need to know about this product, especially new mums. I wish I had this product with my first child because he was born in Winter.

Anyways, thanks again!

Helen Chu Happy MOther
Hi there, I would first like to say I think your product is one of the best investment I made for my little one. I have used it from the moment my baby was born to now 9 months. I bought them at the Sydney Baby Expo at Darling Harbour.

I first saw the snotty one at an expo when I was pregnant with my first child. To be honest, I thought it was a ridiculous waste of money. Fast forward 4 months and I was browsing at a local baby and childrens market with my 6 week old daughter whose stuffy nose was concerning me. “Ill try anything” I thought and purchased the snotty one immediately. What a life saver. This is hands down the best thing I have bought for my daughter. I consider it an absolute essential and recommend it to all my family and friends.
Hayley Challen Buyer of our products

I have a Snotty One, which I purchased three years ago. I must admit, it was an absolute Godsend, a baby product which is worth every cent!! I am devastated as my unit has stopped working.
(30 minutes later…)
Just before I read your quick response, I was determined to have another look at the unit. I took off the cup and base and in a mug of water I kept the unit on, alternating with keeping it in the cup and thumping it in my palm. The determination paid off!!
The moment my unit started working again, I was overjoyed! It felt as great as resuscitating someone :))) It was just the dry snott…..
Thanks again for your quick response. I’m one very happy, relieved mum.
V.G Buyer of our products

My sister in law recommended me Snotty and I could not be happier to follow her advice. Easy to use. Very effective. After torturing my little girl with manual one it been a relieve to see she enjoys cleaning nose routine now. Customer service of Snotty is also excellent . Must have in the house.

Natalya - Sydenham VIC buyer of our product
My Snotty One arrived today, just as I was about to put saline up my Son’s nose and use the horrible bulb sucker that’s completely useless, I was excited to see the post man arrive. My Son has Down syndrome, so his nasal tubes are smaller and he produces more mucas, I was surprised at how much came out, the fact he thinks its funny to have it in his nose will make it easier to use. Thank you my Snotty Friends 🙂

Cilla - Kingaroy QLD

Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly. I went to the pharmacy and got a Snotty One yesterday. It is awesome and had helped my son be able to drink his bottles and sleep so much better in the short time I have had it. I am so impressed with how well it works, thank you 🙂

Thank You ! Thank You! Thank You!
Best product ever. Bought for my 3 month old.
Fast delivery & Great service.
Have recommended this product to all my friends with new borns and toddlers 🙂
Loving the nasal aspirator – my 2 & a half week old has a cold thanks to her caring sharing brother & the snotty one is helping clear her nose to breastfeed.

Angela - Facebook
I have been using Snotty for the last six months and it makes such a big difference. Every time my son had cold he got ear infection. Since I started using snotty, it reduces the chances of ear infection significantly. Great Product !

Hamdi - Brisbane QLD buyer of our product

I just wish to say a HUGE THANK YOU, i won a Snotty with Practical Parenting magazine and my daughter has been the best ever! She has severe allergies so she constanlty has a runny nose, i was using a bulb aspirator 6-8 times day and now with the Snotty i use it ONCE A DAY first thing in the morning and she can breathe so much easier all day, I have recommended it to all of my friends and even her day care center. It never leaves my bag.!! THANK YOU !!!

Samantha - Grafton NSW Buyer of our products

Sadly the Snotty will get a workout, my 3 month old little boy has a small health problem which makes the Snotty very necessary, I was using cotton buds to clean his nose a few times a day, and he’d wake up screaming around 4am because he couldn’t breathe through his nose, so the Snotty is a blessing! thank you!! 🙂

Tania - Newcastle NSW buyer of our product
We love our snotty one & cant live with out it, our now 12mth old has always suffered from bad colds & I purchased 1 back when she was about 5mths old I think it was & coludnt believe how great it was our 3yr old loves it also as he can help mummy get those naty booga’s out (in his words lol!) I have since bought my sister 1 for her little 3mth old & she cant live with out it also. I cant stop speading the word about how fantastic they are, our Gp didnt believe me there was such a thing in existance but wrote the details down so no doubt she has looked it up & has been recommending it to people also.
THANK YOU SNOTTY ONE! & great customer service also!
Sandra buyer of our product
Having had 3 kids we’ve had our fair share of colds and I am always looking for ways to stop the kids getting sick…yes I know it is a loosing battle isn’t it. So the next best thing is actually having something that helps me deal with the sickness…

Product review by Oh Gorgeous Baby Buyer of our products
I received a Snotty One early last week as a winner of the Snotty competition from Hip little one, and it was perfect timing too. I’ve been using it for the past few days on my little boy and it works a treat!!! I cant believe how good it works and it has definately helped him get better much quicker than normal by getting all the mucus out. Awesome product – thank you very much 🙂

Candice - Millbridge WA
I got mine last week and I love it!!!!!!!! Best money ever spent !

Danielle - QLD
Bought this at the Sydney PBCExpo and haven’t had to use it since then – but this week my 8month old has been blocked up and snuffly … Snotty is really an amazing product – she wasn’t too sure at 1st but now she sits there and lets it do all the work!!!

Jilianna - NSW
simple and easy, best invention ever no more messy snot going everywhere.. brillant

Julie - VIC
Instead of wiping their noses endlessly with tissues, resulting in sore, irritated skin, I am using the super easy SNOTTY ONE to remove the masses of excess mucus.

Product review by Hip little one designer
I have just purchased the nasal aspirator and found it to be fantastic!!
I would like to look at becoming a rep if my area.
Tamarah - WA
Working treat so far. My little lady seems to prefer it much better that the manual aspirator, (includes in little fess) even got a giggle from her! My 4 year old boy didn’t mind it either. He said “Mum, it tickles!!!” Should have bought one ages ago when I saw the ad in the PP magazine. Oh well, I have one now! Thanks again. Will be recommending the product to friends too.

Tiffany, Cranbourne East VIC buyer of our product
Thank you so much … My Son currently has a cold and we already using one of your snotty’s but your product is so good and valuable to us that we just needed another for emergencies. Your product is a lifesaver.

Rachel - Wattle Glen VIC buyer of our product
Just wanted to give you some feedback. I’ve been using the snotty one for a week in combination with saline drops as my 6 week old son gets a little congested. He actually really likes it and the noise calms him down. I actually think he enjoys getting his nose cleared out. I’ll be recommending the product and even purchasing it as gifts for friends with bubs on the way

I had heard about nasal aspirators but until now had not uses one and having 2 to review as test seemed a little excessive until I started using them. I love the electric Snotty One for at home grabbing those hard to reach snot that block my babies nose. In the middle of the night in fact anytime of day it has made things easier and allows my little one to sleep without snuffles. The electric aspirator gets even the toughest snot out of babies nose. Quiet and easy to use even hubby is not afraid of this one

Product Review by http://www.familycapers.com.au
Hi, i am intrested in becoming a snotty representative, i have used the electrical nasal aspirator on my son and it is absolutely fantastic. I would like some information on how to get set up and the costs involved please

Penelope - NSW
I purchased the snotty one last year, it has to be the best $60 I’ve spent in a long time. While it seemed extravagant at the time, it has helped us SO many times in the past few months, and the vibration sound distracts my 2yo, so you can actually get the mucous out. Fantastic, thanks again

Tash - VIC designer
I have to tell everyone about this product, cause i’m so impressed with it!! It’s called the Snotty One. Amelia has been through torture this past week, with a blocked nose. I tried everything to unblock it, but none of the traditional nasal aspirators (and not so traditional methods) worked. But this aspirator worked …in seconds to clear her nose, and now she can breath properly. They even express posted it to me at no extra charge and he didn’t have to. YAY for Amelia (and me and Ralph) that she can now breath properly through her nose!! I bought it for $70 online from this website, and i HIGHLY recommend it to everyone with kids!

Trish - Lalor Park NSW Buyer of our products
My little one suffered colds all the time, we became more and more frustrated as the baby became more and more grumpy and frustrated. Eventually we were told by a friend about nasal aspirators and tried one. We could now not imagine living without one.

We had problems using the bulb, could not suck any of the snot out. We then bought an electrical aspirator – will not go anywhere without it!

Amazing to see the change, once you suck the boogers out the little one breathes and sleeps easier. I would recommend a quality nasal aspirator to every parent.

My child had a burst eardrum due to severe nasal congestion, if I only had a SNOTTY a week ago


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