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10 ml Nasal Vaporiser Spray BOTTLE.

This convenient nasal spray bottle is perfect for use PRIOR to nasal aspiration. It provides an ideal mist for the nasal cavity.

Loosen up the mucus BEFORE you extract the snott / aspirate your child.

A couple of sprays of saline solution in each nostril ensures loose and extractable mucus for a more efficient aspiration.

The saline will not only loosen up the mucus but also work as a natural bacterial inhibitor.

This nasal spray bottle is of perfect size, it is refillable and as such enables you to use it over and over again.

A perfect addition to any nasal aspirator, and a must have for any caring parent!

The dosage is approximately 0.12cc/spray.

* NOTE – This bottle is sold empty and non sterile. You will need to purchase your own saline.


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