Good Parent Electric Nail Trimmer

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Our newest addition to the Good Parent/SNOTTY product range.

For a limited time only! Take advantage of our discounted price – launch special.

Have you ever been afraid to use scissors or nail clippers on your baby’s nails? We now have the perfect solution!

The Good Parent Electric Nail Trimmer enables you to gently and safely file down your child’s nails, without the risk of overcutting.

With an array of discs for newborns, infants, toddlers and adults, you can now look after the entire family.

Our Electric Nail Trimmer has been designed with safety in mind, with a simple secure & release button to change and hold filing discs in place, it is easy & safe to use on petite nails.

Advantages and Features:

  • Lower risk of over-cutting
  • No sharp edges or points
  • Gentle cushioned filing and buffer discs
  • Simple and secure disc release button
  • Safe for newborn, infants, toddlers and adults
  • Easy to use on tiny fingers and toes
  • Maximum convenience and mobility
  • Six cushioned file pads (five filing disc and one buffer disc)
  • Convenient box that can be used for travel and storage
  • Whisper quiet motor so it won’t scare your little one
  • Ergonomically design for good grip and comfortable use

We created an electric nail trimmer that is safe and gentle on a baby’s tiny fingers and toes. Say goodbye to sharp scissors and clippers! GoodParent Electric Nail Trimmer will shorten your baby’s nails so they do not scratch themselves, making caring for your little treasure a breeze.

With a total of six disks (five filing disk and one buffer disk), a convenient storage box, you’ll be fully prepared to trim and buff your baby’s nails any-time and any-where, and as they grow.

Unlike traditional nail clippers, the Good Parent Electric Nail Trimmer is completely safe to use. There is no risk of harming your baby’s precious little fingers thanks to the cushioned filing pads. The handle is ergonomically shaped to fit comfortably in your hand for easy use. Simply, file one nail at a time while firmly holding your baby’s finger or toe between your index finger and your thumb.

We have found other electric nail trimmers make a loud noise that startles babies or stops when pressure is applied to the disc while filing, adding to the anxiety of nail care for both you and your child, or in some cases that the filing pad is not secured firmly. This is not the case of the Good Parent Electric Nail Trimmer, which has eliminated all these risks.

Please Note: For your convenience replacement filing discs are now also available!

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Our newest addition to the Good Parent/SNOTTY product range, Electric Nail Trimmer.
For a limited time only! Take advantage of our discounted price – launch special.


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Weight 450 g
Dimensions 24 × 13 × 6 cm


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