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Although nasal aspiration is in it self a simple and beneficial process it is not often that easy to convince your baby of the same.

We realize that for many of you, and definitely for your baby, this may be the first time your are using our product. We have therefore gathered some essential information and hints to guide you through the process of introducing a nasal aspirator to your baby and your baby to the nasal aspirator.

If you follow these simple steps it will make the usage of an aspirator less stressful for both you and your baby.

This is new to me

Most babies are scared of new things – that is their instinct. If your baby is not scared of noises and new environments to them, consider yourself lucky, most babies are. This does not mean that if your baby is initially scared of new things the actual thing that frightens them is bad for them.

When you teach your baby how to breastfeed or later how to eat solids and he/she refuses, do you give up? No! You use your patients and repeat the task over and over again until the baby realizes the benefit of the lesson.

Same thing applies to aspirators.

Babies are born essential nose breathers, any obstructions in their nasal cavity inhibits their breathing. You as a parent have to teach the child there is a benefit in nasal aspiration and we recommend you do this through these simple steps.

Our recommendation

We strongly recommend that you spray saline up the nostrils a couple of minutes before aspiration to ease the extraction.

a) saline will loosen up the mucus

b) saline is a non medicated substance and can be used as

frequently as required without any side effects

c) saline in it self acts as a bacterial inhibitor assisting your child

in the fight of the cold

d) saline can also promote mucociliary clearance by moisturizing

the nasal cavity and by loosening dry material

Extraction of dry mucus may damage the delicate nasal mucous membrane and should be avoided at all time. Although a runny nose may have the appearance of exactly that; a runny nose, we can never be certain of the consistency of the mucus deeper inside the nasal cavity.

* One contraindication to using saline would be if your child has undergone treatment or surgery in which case you should ALWAYS consult your GP or ENT specialist prior to aspiration.

Introducing a nasal aspirator

1. Introduce your nasal aspirator (SNOTTY) to your baby without switching it on. Show the aspirator to the baby, laugh and smile while explaining to the baby what it is. (Please never let your child play with the aspirator as it is NOT A TOY)

2. Let your baby touch the aspirator, while you are holding on to it, as a further introduction.

3. Let your baby hear the sound of the aspirator (SNOTTY) a few times before you start using it on your child.

4. Use the aspirator on yourself, showing your child it is safe and fun, before using your SNOTTY on them. Children are inquisitive and will mimic your actions out of curiosity.

5. Play a little fun game first couple of times you use the aspirator on your baby, applying it only a couple of times for short intervals.

6. Let your baby see that the aspirator is not harmful and that it is gentle to use and after a few uses your baby will realize that it helps him breath easier. (babies know more than we think they do)

7. Remember consistency and repetition is the key!

Some babies don’t like to taking medications….

Some babies don’t like certain foods…..

Some babies don’t like to be washed……

Do we give up? No! As adult parents we know what is good for them, and with time babies learn to.

8. Remember always to use saline spray or drops couple of minutes prior to using an aspirator, to loosen up the mucus.

9. If your baby does not like the buzzing sound of the aspirator, try playing some background music while aspirating, or simply do it when your TV or radio is on.

10. Most importantly do not unpack the aspirator and stick it up your babies nose as soon as you get home. We know you like to help your baby as soon as possible but be patient, take your time, play with the aspirator. Why not using it on yourself a few times in front of your child. Get your child accustomed to the aspirator and the sound before using it on your baby.

Our single purpose at SNOTTY is to bring better health to Australian children and improve the life quality of their parents.

Our aspirators are innovative and will make life easier for both you and your child. We will continue updating this page with handy tips, do’s and don’ts.

If you have any suggestions how we can improve our service, or would like to leave feedback, please feel free to contact us.