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Snotty – nasal aspirator

The precise reasons for the efficiency of nasal aspiration are not well known, although it is clear that the removal of mucus plays an important role in the health cycle.

Damage to the mucociliary transport system is an important factor in the development of sinonasal diseases, leading to a stasis (stagnation) of mucus which contains inflammatory mediators.

Thus hypotheses include that nasal aspiration may decrease inflammation through the removal of mucus, that it may improve mucociliary clearance, and that by removing thickened mucus that cannot be handled by the cilia (fine nasal hairs cleaning the nose naturally) can promote healthy and natural breathing.

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Pregnancy Babies and Children’s Expo

Wow! What a great Pregnancy Babies and Children’s Expo. Thanks Brisbane, and thanks to all parents who purchased last year and actually took the time to approach us and thank us for how great SNOTTY is and how it literally has saved a child’s life or two! THERE IS NO BETTER FEEDBACK – THANK YOU!!!
A great thanks, as well, to all the parents who took the time to listen to us, saw the demonstrations and purchased a SNOTTY. Remember SNOTTY TOO is still on sale for only $30.00 (there are only 897 units left of the 1000 we will offer at this price) so hurry up and grab yourself a bargain while the sale is still on!

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